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Frequently Asked Questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

Matchplay Golf has compiled a list of his responses to 'frequently asked questions'. It is recommended that you take a copy of the Rules and these 'Frequently Asked Questions' to each of your round matches, in case of any queries while on the course. 


Q: Is this the Mail on Sunday Classic ? 

 A: Absolutely not, we have no connection to the Mail on Sunday, Associated Press or Daily Mail. This is a separate competition run by Matchplay Golf in association with our Sponsor Annodata Ltd. 


Q: During the early months of the year we always have winter conditions in place. Is this acceptable? 

A: It is up to the club drawn at home to ensure that the course is in the best possible condition to play a fair and proper match. We appreciate that in the early months of the year it is often the case that some winter conditions will be in play; if so the captain of the home club should make the opposition aware of these prior to day of the match. The following winter conditions are unacceptable: 

a) Carrying a piece of Astroturf mat around and playing from it. 

b) Dropping off the fairway in the semi rough or rough (up to three fairways is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes). 

c) Teeing up the ball in the fairway (up to three fairways is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes). 

d) Winter tees and greens are acceptable (maximum of six each) as long as the overall length of the course is not reduced by over 300 yards. Winter greens should be cut to the appropriate length for a green and MUST have regulation size holes (no bucket holes). If the home course has any of the above winter conditions in place on the date set for of the match then the away club would be entitled to claim home advantage as long as there are NONE of them in place at their course. If the away course has ANY of the above winter conditions then the match must remain as drawn. 

Q: The home course has a trolley ban. Can the away course claim home advantage? 

 A: No, a club does not lose home advantage if there is a trolley ban. As the Annodata UK Golf Club Classic permits the use of caddies it is recommended that one be used if a player is unable to carry his/her own clubs. 

Q: Are bucket holes acceptable? 

A: No. Even if some temporary greens are in use the hole MUST be regulation size. 

Q: What happens if both courses have some unacceptable winter conditions in place?

 A: If the match can't be rearranged within the allotted time, then it should take place on whichever course has the fewest unacceptable winter conditions in place. 

Q. During the winter months we play off a fairway mat that we carry around, can we still elect to do this even if our club lifts the rule for the visiting team in order to retain home advantage? 

 A. No. 


Q: Are 5-day members eligible to play? 

A: Yes. However bear in mind that many matches, particularly in the early rounds are played at weekends which may be a problem if you are drawn at home and select 5-day members. 

Q: Is there an age limit? 

A: No, there is no age limit. 

Q: Is there a fee to enter the competition? 

A. Yes, there is a £60 entry fee per team to cover cost for the Grand Final. The fee is generally payable by the Golf Club / Club Secretary. There are no further fees payable in qualifying rounds as courtesy of the course must be extended to visiting competitors when the match is played. 

Q: Can players with an inactive handicap play in the competition? 

 A: No, players must have an active handicap in order to play. 

Q. Is a player who is a member of more than one club permitted to represent one of them even if it is not their home club? 

 A. Yes. However players with multiple memberships can only play for one club in the same year. 


Q: Can we elect to play all of our matches away? 

A. No. It is a condition of entry that clubs must be able to host matches if drawn at home. 

Q: Can we change players match by match? 

A: Yes. Any bona fide member can play (see answer regarding 5-day members) however the rules state that a player must have played in at least one qualifying round to be eligible for the UK Regional Final and Grand Finals. 

Q: If I do select the same players for consecutive matches must they play in the same order as they did in the previous match? 

A: No. However remember that the player named as No.5 MUST play the sudden death play off in the event of the match ending in a tie. 

Q: Can the playing order be changed after the captains have exchanged team sheets? 

A: No. Once the team sheets have been exchanged the players must remain in the order selected. 

Q: As captain am I responsible for checking my team’s handicaps? 

 A: No. It is up to individual players to check their respective handicaps and the shot allowance prior to their match commencing. However if as captain you fill in the handicaps for your team on the team sheet every effort should be made to ensure that they are up to date. 

Q: We have contacted our opponents and they can only play at weekends, whereas we play all of our golf during the week. What happens in such circumstances? 

 A. In the early rounds, when it is not possible to play evening golf, the vast majority of matches take place at weekends and therefore it is essential that at least one weekend date is offered. 

Q: In trying to arrange our match I have given numerous dates but our opponents can only play on the last weekend. What will happen if the weather prevents us playing on that date?

A: Whilst it is both desirable and advisable to give as many dates as possible, the objective is to find a date that is suitable for both clubs. If a match is not played on or before the last weekend the Tournament Director will decide, on the basis of availability which team will go through to the next round. No match extensions will be allowed. 

Q: On the only date we can agree with our opponents to play the match some of my best players are unavailable. Must I play under these conditions? 

 A: As stated in the last answer the objective is to find a suitable date for both teams. Whilst we appreciate that captains will want to select their best team, if by doing so this restricts the availability of suitable dates then you will have to consider selecting other members of your club to play. 

Q: Can team captains exchange team lists on match day? 

 A: Yes, captains can exchange their teams and playing order on match day, as long as it is prior to the commencement of the match. 

Q. After the captains have exchanged teams what happens if a match is cancelled for any reason and any of the named players are not available for the rearranged date? 

 A. If play had not commenced then captains can use different players for the rearranged match. 

Q: Our opponent does not have five players. How should the match proceed? 

A: If a club does not have a full team of five players on the day of the match then they will be deemed to have lost the first match (and subsequent matches if they are more than one player short) so as to ensure there is ALWAYS a fifth match to play a sudden death playoff. 

Q: In order to reduce the number of tee times is it possible to play two single matches in the same fourball? 

A: No. Matches MUST be played as five single matches. 

Q. What about if the match has to be abandoned after it has started? 

A. In this case the same players playing in the same order must complete the match, resuming at the point at which it had to be abandoned. If a player originally selected is unavailable for the rearranged date then his/her match would have to be conceded. 

Q: Must matches be played off Medal Tees? 

A: Whenever possible matches should be played off Medal Tees. 

Q: What is regarded as reasonable speed of play? 

A: Our recommendation (as per the European Tour) is that the player should play their shot 45 seconds after reaching the ball.